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Thermal Imaging

Using a specialist thermal camera attached to our drones we get that hard to reach locations quickly and safely

Residential Thermal Imaging Survey

Identify and map trapped moisture penetration in roofs. Perform energy audit inspections for thermal insulation efficiency. Detect thermal hotspots within walls from faulty electrical circuits. Take HD aerial images for insurance claims and inspection. Inspect residential solar panel installations for defects

Commercial Thermal Imaging Survey

Detect delamination and spalling defects in concrete structures. Map heat flow and prevent thermal bridging due to faulty insulation. Perform forensic moisture intrusion inspections of plumbing facilities. Detect insulation leaks in HVAC or refrigeration equipment. Proactively identify areas of concern for moisture leaks

Utilities Thermal Imaging Survey

Identify hot spots within power transmission lines before failure occurs. Quickly survey and detect failing cells within a solar array in minutes. Detect thermal rise signatures of gearbox brake failure in wind turbines