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Fully Licensed and Insured by

the IAA in Ireland and CAA in UK

Our Drone Services

The Drone Guys providing Drone Aerial Surveying

We prodvide industry standard accuracy from our drone surverys providing full ortho maps and digital files at a fraction of traditional costs and in hours instead of days.

The Drone Guys providing Drone Photography services in Ireland

Providers of high res aerial photography at a fraction of traditional costs for all industries including construciton sites for monitoring, company promotions and news events.

Drone Filming services offered by The Drone Guys

Experts in provision of 4k broadcast quality footage from a unique perspective. Our drones and expert drone pilots produce footage and angles like you've never seen before.

Drone Building Inspection services by The Drone Guys

No need for height for hire or safety issues, our drones give you instant access to the most difficult to reach places, saving man hours, ensuring compliance with health & safety and getting the job done quicker and cheaper.

3D Drone Models - The Drone Guys Ireland

We understand that you want the best and we are fully trained and insured to provide you with the best 3D modelling dependant on your needs.

Thermal Imaging with The Drone Guys Ireland

Our unique Aerial Thermal Imaging Surveys are proving vital to our customer who are looking for a safer & quicker means of doing thermal inspection on their buildings showing heat loss, lands or solar panels, giving instant results and reports.

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